HD Word Reading Playground Spring Subscriptions (Jan 1 -June 30)

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HD Word Reading Playground Spring Subscriptions (Jan 1 -June 30)

Price: $14.00


2nd-5th Grade HD Word Reading Playground Spring Subscriptions

Minimum 5 Seats - PREREQUISITE - For District & School Purchase Only - Students must participate in teacher-led HD Word instruction (not a standalone program). 

An independent practice where students can master the skills taught in HD Word instruction. 

Really Great Reading developed the Reading Playgrounds to help students independently practice the foundational literacy skills they learn in HD Word.

The Reading Playground includes:

  • A play-based digital platform for practicing skills learned in HD Word Instruction. 

  • Student assessment and practice.

  • Research-aligned activities are designed to accelerate the acquisition of skills and knowledge necessary to transform unfamiliar words into familiar and instantly recognizable words.

  • An adaptive platform that honors the diversity of students’ abilities to master their phonics skills at different rates and with different amounts of practice.

  • Responsive capabilities, so it can be used across multiple devices and platforms.

  • An easy-to-read teacher dashboard so you can monitor individual student performance.

  • Student performance reporting

  • Usability upgrades

  • Rostering and simplified license management

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