Launchpad: Learn to Read in Pre-K and Kindergarten

Launchpad: Learn to Read in Pre-K and Kindergarten

Test drive Launchpad in our interactive site. Download a sample lesson, try out the online tool that teachers use to present the lessons, and learn more about Launchpad for Pre-K. Offer your youngest students the opportunity to develop important pre-k reading skills In only 15–20 minutes a day, such as:

  • knowing that sounds are represented by letters
  • letters can be put together to create words
  • recognizing the concepts of print and letter name
  • developing letter-sound knowledge
  • developing phonological and phonemic awareness.

Launchpad is playful and powerful evidence-based phonics and pre-reading skills instruction that prepares students for kindergarten. Launchpad is game-based, teacher-led, Interactive, kinesthetic, and multisensory instruction. Launchpad makes learning fun, and features a colorful, image-based teacher presentation online tool that makes teaching simple and enjoyable.

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Launchpad Teacher Guide Set 

Launchpad Lesson Plan Teacher Guide

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Launchpad Teacher Guide Set - SKU: LPTG 

  • Scripted, ready-to-teach lesson plans in a three teacher guide set
  • Thorough explanation of concepts, routines, and procedures
  • Guidance for adjusting instruction to match students’ readiness
  • Suggestions for teaching many lessons “anyplace,” making lessons interactive, and incorporating movement
  • Embedded, incremental professional development—no phonological awareness or phonics background needed!

BONUS! Includes set of Launchpad Sound & Letter Cards

Launchpad Online 

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Launchpad Online - SKU: LPOL

  • Vibrant, image-based teacher presentation tool, required for instruction
  • Delivers clear, concise, and effective instruction with colorful imagery, games, and animations
  • Works with interactive whiteboards, projectors, tablets, laptops, and computers


Supplemental Resources, a treasure trove of additional activities, supplements, and teacher professional development.

Launchpad Sound and Letter Cards

Launchpad for PK Sound and Practice Cards - Phoneme and Grapheme Cards

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LP-DECK Launchpad Sound & Letter Cards

The Launchpad Sound & Letter Cards include

  • 52 colorful, glossy 4x6 cards for playful, interactive sound and letter instruction and practice
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters with guideword and character images
  • Can be used with the lessons or for additional standalone activities

Launch students with pre-reading activities that teach phonics in Pre-K

Launchpad for Pre-K has 27 weeks of playful, interactive phonics and pre-k reading instruction. The program establishes a firm foundation in concepts of print, phonological and phonemic awareness, and letter knowledge. Launchpad brings phonics to early childhood education and features pre-reading strategies for teachers to use in the classroom.


Introduction - What Does Pre Reading and Phonics Instruction Mean Today?

Launchpad provides early literacy instruction for children in the year before Kindergarten. This instruction will help children become strong decoders and fluent readers in the years ahead. Children don’t need prior knowledge of phonics.

  • What you’ll learn from this video:
  • What is Launchpad for Pre-K?
  • Components of Launchpad
  • Curriculum Design of Launchpad
  • Stages of Instruction
  • Sample Activities

Taking only 15-20 minutes a day, Launchpad has 3-4 activities that can be done in half-day or full-day programs.

Components, Curricular Design, Stages of Instruction

Launchpad has 3 main components - 3 Teacher guides, Launchpad Online, and letter and image cards.

  • Launchpad also has optional wall cards to help reinforce sound-symbol relationships that can help with alphabet activities.
  • Launchpad online has engaging and fun imagery and games and activities for letters and sounds.
  • The Launchpad cards and anywhere activities will help with hands on learning and teaching letters.

Through Launchpad, students will be learning the alphabetic principle, which enables them succeed in Kindergarten and beyond. Blending, segmenting and manipulating words, syllables and phonemes will help build language skills. Take a look at our lesson layouts and learn more about Launchpad in this video overview.

Instructional Vocabulary

Launchpad’s earliest units teach instructional vocabulary like first, next, last, or beginning, middle,end. The Launchpad teacher guides and Launchpad online have ways to help children learn the instructional vocabulary with fun icons and great resources. Concepts of print include ideas such as letters make up words, and words make up sentences. These concepts of print become part of the student’s background knowledge as they become decoders and fluent readers.

Watch this video for more instructional examples and to learn more about Launchpad.

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Skill Building

Launchpad students play with units of speech from the smallest (phonemes) to the largest (sentences) as part of the phonological learning activities within the program. Learning activities can include activities like making one hand the word cup, the other word cake, and bring them together to make the word cupcake. Launchpad has read aloud directions for teachers to use for each activity.

Watch this video for more instructional examples and to learn more about Launchpad.

Alphabetic Principle and Letter Knowledge

The alphabetic principle is about more than just teaching the alphabet in Pre-K. The goal is for students to understand that words are made of sounds, and letters represent these sounds. Launchpad helps children with sound isolation. An example activity has children say the first phoneme in a word, to better bridge them from oral language to print. Phonics games in Launchpad allow for playful learning about letter-sound relationships through matching pictures to the phoneme.

Watch this video for more instructional examples and to learn more about Launchpad.

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