Phonics Boost Lesson Plans Book 1

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Phonics Boost Lesson Plans Book 1

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Phonics Boost Lesson Plan Book 1 (Lesson 1-20)

  • Includes a thorough explanation of the concepts, routines, and procedures in Units 1-20
  • Can be taught by a wide range of educators, not just seasoned literacy professionals 
  • Provides incremental professional development 

Book 1 of 4 teacher guides/lesson plans

Phonics Boost is 80 moderately paced lessons for students in grades 2 and 3 with mild, moderate, or significant decoding skills weaknesses, and for students in grades 4 -12 (and adults) with significant decoding skills weaknesses. The vocabulary spans from easy to challenging words, making these lessons appropriate for students in grades 2 and higher.  The recommended group size is 6-12 in grades 2-3 , and 4-6 in 4th grade and higher.

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