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Really Great Reading's Student Manipulatives

From letter tiles to SyllaBoards, Really Great Reading has a variety of hands-on manipulatives to complement our Phonics Suite lessons or any phonics-based instruction.


Student Phonics Kit

Our very popular Student Phonics Kit has everything a student needs for explicit multisensory instruction. For use with Phonics Blitz and Boost as well as any phonics program.

Blast Student Kit

The Blast Student Kit is designed for grades K-2 to work in conjunction with the Blast Foundations lessons, a phonics and phonemic awareness supplemental program for young struggling readers.


HD Word Student Kit

The HD Word Kit include the letter tiles, color tiles, SyllaBoards™, and other components needed to complete all 33 units of HD Word. Note: If students participated in Blast Foundations G1A, the HD Word Kit upgrade (HDUP $18) will supplement the Blast Student Kit with additional tiles so it can be used to complete all lessons in HD Word.

SyllaBoard Kit

These single-sided, index card sized, dry erase boards help students break words into chunks for reading and spelling the complex multi-syllable words older students encounter across the curriculum.



Student Phonics Board

The Phonics Board is a 10" x 11" magnetic receptive board for students who know their letter names and may be working with additional tiles when they learn about advanced vowel patterns.

Letter Tile Box One

Letter Tile Box One - Basic Code with two whiteboards. Perfect for beginning readers in kindergarten and first grade. Contains 384 magnetic letter tiles, enough for use by 8 students, and comes with 2 Lapboards.

Letter Tile Box Two

Letter Tile Box Two - For advanced phonics instruction and includes 172 magnetic letter tiles and 1 Lapboard. Must be used with Box One. Designed for the second half of first grade through adult, for phonics or word study.


We offer magnetic whiteboards in various sizes and styles including: 9" x 11" Lapboards, 5.5" x 11" Halfboard,  and 2" x 11" Miniboard. They can be used in a variety of classroom activities and can be purchased individually or in bulk.



Teacher Manipulatives

Using manipulatives is critical for effectively teaching phonics or our Phonics Suite Lessons. We offer teachers the choice of either physical manipulatives or virtual manipulatives. If you have an interactive whiteboard you can select from our online teaching tools: Blast Foundations Online,  Phonics Blitz Online, HD Word Online or LetterTiles Online. Alternatively, you can also choose from large formatted letter tiles in classrooms without interactive whiteboards to demonstate to a classroom of students.

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Other Teaching Tools

We work hard to specialize in reading education and do our best to offer all the things you'll need to keep your students engaged and stimulated. We have everything you need to teach reading from grades K-12 and have been told we have one of the best timers for ORF. 

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