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NEW Really Great Reading Resources 

Available in our Countdown, Blast, and HD Word Reading Programs

✔ Decodable eBooks        ✔ Handwriting 
✔ Unit Planners                ✔ Vocabulary Playground

In Reading Playgrounds of Countdown, Blast, and HD Word.

Decodable eBooks | The new eBooks, accessible through the Reading Playgrounds, are beautifully illustrated decodables that help students practice the phonics concepts they are learning in their lessons in Countdown, Blast, and HD Word.

In the Supply Room of Countdown and Blast.

Handwriting | An engaging, explicit, and systematic supplement that is designed to enhance your students' handwriting skills. With a focus on pencil grip, spacing, and letter formation, this supplement aims to empower students to write with ease and speed, allowing them to free up their working memory to excel in spelling and written expression. 

 In the Supply Room of Countdown, Blast, and HD Word.

Unit Planners | The Unit Planners correlate with each unit in CountdownBlast, and HD Word. They help teachers plan and organize their weekly Really Great Reading lessons. They allow teachers to incorporate all of the amazing Really Great Reading resources into their instructional block. 


 In the Supply Room of Countdown, Blast, and HD Word.

Spanish Support | Our Spanish Support, Con Español, provides specific Spanish support for English instruction to ensure proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the English language. These supports are specifically tailored to serve native Spanish-speaking students as they acquire the English language reading skills found in Countdown, Blast, and HD Word instruction. 

Coming Soon

Sound-Spelling Wall | A digital and printable sound-spelling wall that can be used to help students connect sounds they hear and speak to the spellings that represent them in words. This exciting resource is designed for full classroom use and can replace or enhance your current sound wall. 

In Reading Playgrounds of Countdown, Blast, and HD Word.

Vocabulary Playground | In the Vocabulary Playgrounds, teachers have access to premade assignments that showcase the meaning of many words students encounter in Countdown, Blast, and HD Word. Students experience words in a way that helps them understand all aspects of the word: the phonology, the orthography, the morphology, and the meaning. 


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